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Who We Are

Gabby Goldenbogen

As our head trainer, Gabby Goldenbogen, oversees all of our training, lessons, and showing. She is the one-stop-shop for all things equine and loves passing her knowledge onto others. Gabby's been in the horse industry her entire life; she's trained under big name trainers in both the sport horse and quarter horse world, and has a particular love for non-stock horses. Gabby also heads the video production for Jumpstart Equestrian, which you can find on Facebook and TikTok!


Breanna Lucci

Breanna Lucci, our assistant head trainer, has been in the equine industry for over six years. She won the beginner national championship title for Ohio State's Western Equestrian Team during her first year riding. Since, she's competed at numerous shows, earning lots of blue ribbons in multiple disciplines. Every day, Breanna tries to find something new to learn about horses, riding, showing, and whatever else gets thrown her way. Breanna heads Jumpstart Equestrian's accounting, book keeping, logistics, and pretty much everything else on the business side.

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