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About Jumpstart Equestrian

Jumpstart Equestrian, owned & operated by Gabrielle Goldenbogen and Breanna Lucci, is a premiere equine company focused on creating better horse and human connections. We use a blended approach to horse training and lessons, and love teaching others how to better communicate with horses. Alongside that, we're trying to make the equine world more accessible, accountable, and understandable through our equine-focused podcast, More Leg.

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Here at Jumpstart Equestrian, training is not a one size fits all approach. We focus on well-rounding and cross-training horses to bring out their best attributes! Regardless of your horse's previous training or past, we are confident that we have the experience to help you and your horse build a strong, synchronous relationship... And to help it succeed in the show ring!

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3792 N State Route 42, Waynesville, OH 45068


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